Estate & Personal Property Auctions

Pre-Auction Preparation

Our staff combines current market research from reputable resources to individually target and identify the best prospects for your properties and valuables.  Targeted buyers for most items range from builders and developers, to individual prospectors.  We also utilize local and regional pricing strategies, as well as our proprietary databases that have been developed and maintained by Us.


Next, we intelligently and extensively promote and advertise our auctions in a variety of marketing channels to ensure your success.  Our primary advertising mediums are newspapers, magazines and trade publications, direct mail brochures, and on site signs.  We also post brochures, auction calendars, and private listing information on targeted web sites.  An ideal schedule of events for a successful auction follows below:


EVENT                                  DAYS PRIOR TO LIVE AUCTION

Agreement executed                                       30

Information gathered                                     30

Brochure proof                                                21

Signs erected(on-site)                                    21

Brochure Distributed                                     21

Site preparation                                               21

Print advertising begins                                 14

Live auction                                                       0

Settlement                                                  14-30 days


Personal Property Auction Process

There’s a reason most of the world’s assets are sold at auction.  Auctions provide more liquidity, more transparency, more competition, and are more proactive than conventional real estate practices.  Using the auction method means less time to market, less time to sell and less carrying costs.  It also means you derive true market value for your personal property, at the most informed and competitive prices available in your area.


At Carolina Auction House, our approach to the personal property auction process consists of the following major stages:

  • Pre-Auction Preparation
  • Auction Day
  • Post Auction to Settlement

All three stages of the auction process are equally important for the success of our sellers.  A clear marketing vision and extensive logistical coordination is imperative to the creation of a successful auction experience.  Equally important is our diligent follow up after the auction to insure timely closings and seamless funds transfer to the seller.


Post Auction

At auction, property is sold within hours and  settles within 14-30 days.  Please contact our office for more details! 1-336-AUCTION or 336-529-6799.

Currently Accepting Consignments

Whether you have an entire estate, a large collection, or a single object of value, we can help. Contact us today for a confidential discussion.

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